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Canadian farmers are operating in an every more complex, global reality and the race for access and control of on-farm data is escalating and the monetization of Canadian ag data begins at the farm, moving through the supply chain, ending with the consumer. Canadian farmers are under incredible pressure, tasked to meet societal demands and farm in an environmentally sustainable manner while remaining economically viable. Canadian farmers will be increasingly burdened with obligatory data demands from numerous distributed ledger technology platforms as proof of farming practices.

AgBox is entering final stages of development and is envisioned as a farmer owned data cooperative, giving farmers a confident and secure Canadian platform for the storage of on-farm data, with continual redundant backup. AgBox, powered by Virtual Studio’s mPowered technology, will provide farmers:

  • a simple system for transparent and secure data sharing and data management, where data can be deposited from service providers collecting on-farm data and farmers can provide access to their trusted advisors for the purpose of cohort benchmarking and other services;

  • a personal data account where any data can be safely stored and access is monitored and controlled - access is never assumed, but granted;

  • the opportunity for monetization of their data assets; enabled by mPowered’s microtransactional digital audit trail;

  • cost savings where data from the farm can be shared with many members of the agri-food value chain (e.g., regulatory purposes) saving farmers time and frustration with endless paperwork; and

  • a single point of contact for other distributed ledger technologies.

 AgBox, a secure, shared Canadian service, built using mPowered technology, will provide producers with a trusted platform on which to store their farm data in a secure manner while providing easy, controlled access to their trusted advisors and all members of their value chain. AgBox audit enabled microtransactions will provide farmers with opportunities to monetize their data assets and will incentivize farmers to move from a heavily paper-based operations model to one where information is maintained in a secure, organized structure that can be shared on an as needed basis.

AgBox, a secure data space where Canadian farmers can store and manage their on-farm data - providing producers with a trusted and secure platform while providing easy, but controlled access to their farm partners - by the farmer.

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Support for this project has been provided through the Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE), a member of the Ontario Network of Entrepreneurs (ONE); funding for this project has been provided by the Government of Ontario.